Using the Blog in the Classroom

I originally made this blog to connect with other teachers, but I couldn't help but include my students in this new blogging world! I included three tabs at the top of my blog just for my students. Each tab has games and videos that my students can play and watch on the topics we have learned or are learning about in class. I use the blog for early finishers mostly. For example, if a student finishes Math early they can get on the blog under the Math Tab and play games on Math and same for Science and S.S. I usually have them work on whatever we are working on in class, so if it's Science time they need to be playing a Science game. Again I reach my goal of having students learning while still having fun! With it being too cold or wet to go outside for recess we have recently been having a little free time in the classroom. During this time I will also allow them to get on the blog and play the games. Lastly, I use the blog at the end of the day when we are packing to go home. There is about 10 minutes to get our backpacks and get ready for home. Usually students finish pretty quickly and are again begging to get on the blog to play games.  Imagine my excitement to see my students begging to spend their free time on learning! It doesn't get much better than that! I am very excited about this new blogging world. Not only for the collaboration that is possible between teachers, but about giving my students yet another recourse for learning!

Other 4th Grade teachers: If you are interested in having your students use the blogging world then feel free to send them to this sight. I add more games and videos all the time to keep the students interested!

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  1. Hey, I like this idea. Something I thought about doing with my class next year is setting up some kind of blog for them to actually write. The more you write the better you become and typing a few sentences here and there on a blog might be the start some kids need to get into writing. It will help them find their own style without being pressured by a teacher.



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