Moon Phases

 This week we have really been studying hard to learn the phases of the moon. For 4th grade the students need to know the names of the phases in order and to be able to identify pictures of the phases. We have done several things to learn these concepts. First, we had a flipchart to tell the moon phases in order and I gave cute ways to remember each ones name. Then, we did the Oreo Moon phases project. It turned out really cute! They kids went on and on about how much fun they had! Next, we did matching games to match the pictures of the moon phase with the name. We also watched some videos which illustrated the moon phases. To say the least we have really worked hard to be able to know our moon phases!

        Get the Matching Game Here!-Free!


  1. We did the Oreo phases of the moon in my class this year - the kids LOVED it! Looking forward to following more of your adventures.

    Runde's Room

  2. I like your idea of using the oreo cookies to illustrate the moon phases. One of my co-workers had students hot glue the oreos onto poster board and write the names of the phases underneath. However, then the students don't get to reap the benefits of devouring their exhibition of the phases!


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