I Can Board... Pinterest inspired Post 2

Hey guys! This is the second post of my pinterest inspired classroom posts! I hope you enjoy!  Last year I created an I Can Board that I really liked. However over the summer we found out that we would no longer be departmentalizing and so I needed to reconfigure some of my boards. Here is the link to last years board. Click Here!

This is the new board I went with. I didn't change much except now I have 4 picture frames instead of 2, I changed the paper in the picture frame, and I gave the picture the illusion that they were being hung by the string. (The string is really just decoration, it was hung using command strips.)

The red background is fabric from Hobby Lobby. The teal and brown board I got from a local teacher supply store. The picture frames are from the Dollar Tree. The I Can Banner was adapted from a School Girl Style Banner that I edited.

I was really pleased with my results! Do you have an I Can board in your room? I'd love for you to leave pictures in the comments!

Class Jobs Board - Pinterest Inspired Post 1

Hey guys! Over the next couple posts I want to share with you my pinterest inspired classroom ideas! Today, I want to show you my new class jobs board. This year I am changing from departmentalized 5th grade math to self contained. I had to change my classroom from being solely math centered to something more generalized. Our county really encourages us to use class jobs to help our students to become better leaders so I needed a class jobs board. I also have very limited/small bulletin board space!

I was inspired by this post: Clutter Free Classroom 

So here is my version of a Class Jobs Board...

I used burlap for my back ground, library pockets, popsicle sticks for the student names, and the jobs banner is edited from schoolgirlstyle.com.

I don't have many classroom jobs, but the ones I have make my classroom run more efficiently!
These are my jobs
- Car Hop: Goes to my car when I forget something.. or need something heavy carried in :-)
- Paper Filer: Files papers of student work
-Copy Cat: Helps make my copies
- Water Wizard: Re-fills my water cup
-Point Police: Carries the behavior binder to specials & cafeteria
-Lunch Lady: Takes the lunch count
-Computers: Turns on and off the computers
-Merry Maids: helps make sure room is clean at the end of the day
-Pencil Pro: sharpens class pencils
-Librarian: Keeps class library neat and choose class books from the library

I'd love to see what your class jobs board looks like! Leave a picture in the comments!

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