Sports Theme- Get to Know You Page!

Hey guys! This year at The Grove our theme is Sports/Teamwork so I made this super cute get to know you worksheet for the students to fill out and I wanted to share it with you! I hope you enjoy!

Telling Time

Telling time is probably one of the hardest things to get my students to understand. Specifically elapsed time and understanding how to tell time using the phrases "Quarter Till, Quarter Past, and Half Past." With standards changing again for us this year I don't think elapsed time is a specific standard in 4th grade anymore; however, I know my students can't really understand the concept of time so as any good teacher would I want to help them grasp this vital concept. Here are some great Resources I have found or Created that you can use to help teach this tough concept.

Brain Pop on Elapsed Time - Must be a paying member to view.
Brain Pop- Time to the Quarter and Half Minute -Must be a paying member to view.
Brain Pop on Time to the Minute -Must be a paying member to view.
Telling Time to the Hour Hip Hop- geared to early learners

Online Games
Telling Time Interactive Movie
Several Games on Time
More Games on Time

Telling Time Worksheets - Free
More Free Time Worksheets
Time Worksheets from Super Teacher- Some are free, but several require a membership
Free Time Activities from Teachers Pay Teachers website

My Time Items
Telling Time Matching Game
Units of Time Matching Game
I have... Who has... Telling Time

Sports Theme: Make Your Own Baseball Card

Hey Guys! This year at The Grove our school theme is sports/teamwork. I have decided to go with a baseball theme! I usually incorporate my theme into my Accelerated Reader Bulletin Board and then into the first couple of weeks with get to know you activities and such! I just found this super cute baseball card generator that I am planning on using! I'm not 100% sure how exactly I'm going to use it yet. I've come up with a couple ideas.

1) Make it into a writing activity where they tell all about themselves and hang them out in the hallway.
2) Use the cards to show who has what class job.
3) Pull a card: During a lesson sometimes I pull sticks with their names on them when we are doing review, maybe this year I will pull a card instead.
4) I could put the cards on the door with a cute banner that says "Mrs. McDonald's Team"
5) Could be used for a bulletin board.

I feel like the possibilities on endless! I can't wait to do this! Okay here is how you do it! Go to this site... Upload a picture and feel in the information. The card can be made into football, basketball, or tennis cards with several color combos if you aren't doing baseball. You can then save it and print it out on paper or send it to be printed as a picture! Here is the picture I made as an example.

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