Classroom Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you a fundraiser that we have been doing at my school the last couple of years. Each class receives a pumpkin and they decorate it however they like. The pumpkins are then displayed in the hallway and voted on. The class with the highest votes get a pizza party. Each vote is worth one dollar. Last year we used real pumpkins and ended up with rotting pumpkins in our hallway, which I do not recommend! This year we used fake carvable pumpkins, which have turned out really cute. Here are some of the great pumpkins the classes came up with this year!

cowgirl pumpkin

mummy pumpkin
mickey mouse pumpkin
Uncle Si pumpkin (1)
Uncle Si pumpkin (2)
2 sided minion pumpkin
Good side

Bad Side

basket ball and goal pumpkin

Merida pumpkin
Cinderella carriage pumpkin
kitty pumpkin
rainbow fish

lady bug

bass drum pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed!

Accountability Talk Posters

With common core implementation, we as teachers, have been asked to have our students use accountable talk in the classroom. To help implement accountable talk, our Special Education teacher created these posters to help prompt students during lessons. She has been so gracious as to allow me to share these posters with you also.

I printed my accountable talk posters on colored card stock, cut them out, and hung them around my white board. I hope you enjoy. 

Camping Themed Classroom

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you a few pictures of a camping themed classroom. This is a kindergarten classroom at Oak Grove by Ms. Mason.
Bulletin Board 

A reading corner that looks like a camp site.

Behavior chart 

Calendar and standards board. 

Classroom jobs/ class leaders board. 

word wall 

Closer picture of the word wall. 

Bathroom... I loved the sign that said outhouse! 

Back counter with an ant statue. 

I hope you enjoyed! 

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