Make a Cell Model Project

Hey guys! Recently we learned about cells, cell parts, and the cell part's job. For extra credit I challenged my students to make cell models of either plant cells or animal cells. I cannot express how proud I am of my kiddos! They went above and beyond my expectations and I wanted to share their awesome creations with you!

                                                               These are my proud kiddos!

                                                 The following 3 pictures are made out of CAKE!                                        

These are the other cell projects made our of everything from candle wax to clay to styrofoam.  


Place Value Roll the Dice Worksheet

Last week in 4th grade we were working on Place Value. As a review after teaching standard form, word form, and expanded form we used dice to create a number and then with a partner the students had to write those numbers in all 3 forms. Here is the worksheet I used with them! I hope you enjoy!

Hey guys! Here is a really neat website I just discovered! It's I'm still browsing through the site to see what all it offers, but so far I have been really impressed. When you go to the website it looks like this...

You can choose the grade that you want to look at and it gives you language, numeral, extra, holiday, and fun games to play appropriate to that grade. I already have a website that my students use to play Math, Science, and S.S. games on if they finish an assignment early (, but I am definitely adding this to the list! Another thing I use this site for is low students. I have some students who are still trying to master second grade skills and so I can have them practice a skill like place value on their level. I hope you enjoy! 

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