Science Club: Screaming Cup and Dancing Ghost

This year myself and another teacher are hosting the Science Club for the school! It consists of 15 4th and 5th graders who love science and science experiments! This week in honor of Halloween we made a screaming cup and dancing ghost. The students loved it!

Click here to look at instructions for the screaming cup. The instructions for the screaming cup are labeled "The Chicken Cup", but to change from a chicken sound to ghost sound pull in one constant motion instead of small bursts. This project went well with the kids. One problem we did run into was the yarn becoming unattached to the paperclip. However, this was an easy fix. I also punched the hole in the top of the cup before science club started. I used scissors because that's what I had and it took a little work to punch the hole. I don't know if the nail would have done better, but I'd be curious to find out. Here is a video of my kids demonstrating the sound.

Click here for instructions for the ghost. The ghost project went well also. My kids were struggling with cutting the ghost out of the tissue paper. Mostly because they were super perfectionists. Then some ghosts didn't dance, but clung to the ballon instead. AND it gave my kids serious static hair! (which was funny to look at!) The kids loved it though and they learned about static electricity so I'd say it was a success! Here are some pictures from our dancing ghost!

Can you see the ghost under the ballon? 

Mrs. McDonald meets Jack Hanna!

On Saturday, I had the awesome privilege of getting to met Jack Hanna! The Chattanooga Zoo was having their 75th anniversary and the guest speaker was Jack Hanna. I happened to luck out and get tickets to go see it. When I was telling Mr. Hanna that I was a 4th grade teacher he gave me an autographed picture signed to Mrs. McDonald Class. I thought that was very sweet and when I showed my students they were so excited to know that someone famous said hi to them! I also happened to check out the Jack Hanna website which I found to be pretty cool.  The website has a few videos and interesting information about animals that he has encountered!
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