Telling Time

Telling time is probably one of the hardest things to get my students to understand. Specifically elapsed time and understanding how to tell time using the phrases "Quarter Till, Quarter Past, and Half Past." With standards changing again for us this year I don't think elapsed time is a specific standard in 4th grade anymore; however, I know my students can't really understand the concept of time so as any good teacher would I want to help them grasp this vital concept. Here are some great Resources I have found or Created that you can use to help teach this tough concept.

Brain Pop on Elapsed Time - Must be a paying member to view.
Brain Pop- Time to the Quarter and Half Minute -Must be a paying member to view.
Brain Pop on Time to the Minute -Must be a paying member to view.
Telling Time to the Hour Hip Hop- geared to early learners

Online Games
Telling Time Interactive Movie
Several Games on Time
More Games on Time

Telling Time Worksheets - Free
More Free Time Worksheets
Time Worksheets from Super Teacher- Some are free, but several require a membership
Free Time Activities from Teachers Pay Teachers website

My Time Items
Telling Time Matching Game
Units of Time Matching Game
I have... Who has... Telling Time


  1. We have to go back to telling time in 1st grade for CC standards. Thanks for the great resources. I am going to check them out!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. O thank you for the resources! I teach special kiddos and telling time is one of the major things I assess since it's a life skill! Thanks, I pinned this to have for when I need it!
    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!


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