Updates and I Can Bulletin Board

 Hey guys! So life has been CRAZY!!! After 6 years in 4th grade I found out this summer that I was moving to 5th grade math. I am very excited about this new adventure, but it has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I had to learn new curriculum and move classrooms, in what felt like a very short amount of time! I just finished my room and will do a blog "show and tell" of my new accommodations. Here is a preview...

Since I had to move classrooms, it has given me an opportunity to try some things I haven't had a chance to yet. For example, I have wanted to make an I Can Bulletin Board for my I Can statements and standards for 2 years. I found a super cute one on pinterest from 3rd Grade Pad that I loved and had to try it! I only teach math, so I just used a small bulletin board, but here is how it turned out!

I have also spent some time this summer updating some of my teachers pay teachers products. Here are the ones I've had a chance to work on...
    Area War

Comparing Fractions War

 Decimal War (Comparing Decimals)

Our first day of school is Friday!  This is going to be a fun new adventure and I can't wait to share some ideas! 

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