Multiplication Exit Ticket

This year after studying multiplication I realized that my students were still struggling to remember their facts. Everything in Math revolves around them being able to call out their facts quickly. So to help them I have made multiplication flash cards their "exit ticket" out of my class. Every time we leave the room the students have to answer one multiplication fact as they walk out the door. I only give them about 5 seconds to answer and if they don't know it I say the problem and the answer and they repeat it to me. In the beginning, this process took FOREVER! However, I am noticing a drastic difference in their ability to recall their facts. The process runs quite smoothly now and my students are learning their facts. I also have found that they actually LIKE doing it. For instance we are running late for lunch a couple weeks ago and I decided to forgo the flash cards so we could get to lunch. My students moaned and groaned the whole way to lunch because they weren't able to show me their mad multiplication skills! I think this could easily be used for vocabulary or memorizing other information as well. 

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