Matching Games

I've mentioned before that I hate wasted time during the school day, but I also don't want to just give assignment after assignment to my students to complete! I have been using what I call "Sponge Activities" during down time to give students "free time" while they are still learning. These sponge activities are aligned with what we are learning at that time. So the games change often. One sponge activity has quickly taken the role of favorite game in my classroom! It's matching games. I recently made a matching game for relating fractions to decimals. I printed the cards on colored card stock, laminated, and then put them in baggies. Not only are the becoming more and more familiar with what fraction and decimal go together, but they are LOVING it. Isn't that the point?! Here are a few pictures of my kids playing matching games. Here is the link to the matching game they are playing.

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