Using AR books to help with Science & SS

At Oak Grove we are big on Accelerated Reader. AR is a program where students read a book, take a test on the book, and earn points based on how well they did on the test. It's suppose to help students with fluency and also help give them a drive to read. Being as I teach Math, Science, and Social Studies I wanted a way for my students to read AR books while still working on the skills they are learning in my room. My solution: I get AR books based on what we are learning in the class! I have a basket labeled SS/Science Sponges which includes games and books for students to play or read when they finish with an assignment. Last week we were talking about erosion and landforms in Science so I had books on all kinds of landforms and erosion so that the students could read and test on it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Not only do they get to earn AR points, but they are reading about the things we are learning in the class! I have to give props to the library staff here at The Grove! They are fantastically helpful when I need books on certain topics. They are always more than willing to help when I let them know what topics I will be needing the next week! Maybe you can use this in your classroom. If you need something for early finishers to do while the other students work this is a great way to continue their learning experience without any wasted time!


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