Sponge Activties

As promised I have finally taken a picture of my sponge activities containers for your viewing pleasure! Sponge activities are academic, fun activities that students can do when they finish an assignment early. I have a basket for Math and also a basket for Science/SS. ( I interchange the label on Science and SS depending on what is being taught that day.) I do this to help extend my lesson and so the early finishers always have something to do when they are done. This allows me time to pull students to the back and work with them in a small group on the assignment if they don't understand it. This is the first year I have tried this approach and I have loved it! I also use the blog as a sponge activity using the tabs at the top labeled for the students. Included in the sponge baskets are self checking worksheet, matching games, and flash cards. In the middle you will see the AR books that are relating to the things we are currently studying. I had an earlier blog post about those and you can view it here. My students ask me why I call them "Sponge Activities" and I tell them that a sponge soaks up water, just like sponge activities soak up extra class time.

Ok now for how I decorated the basket. SUPER SIMPLE! Black milk crate from wal-mart, polka dot ribbon from wal-mart, and polka dot signs from The Schoolbox. (I have a tiny obsession with polka-dots if you have not noticed. I love them!) I weaved the ribbon through the holes of the crate and hot glued the ends down on the inside. Laminate the sign and write a title. Done... and you have a super cute crate!

I hope you found this helpful!


  1. Hi Amanda:
    I love the ribbon through the box. Soooo cute!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love polka dots, too! To me, they look happy and always bring a smile to my face.



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