New Products & Free Stuff!

Hello Again! It's that time to tell you about my newest items and to share some great free items I have found! I hope you enjoy!

First up is FRACTION WAR! Your students are going to love this! Teaching comparing fractions can be difficult for students so this came helps reinforce cross multiplying! The students play the game just like they would regular war with a deck of cards, except they are wanting the biggest fraction! Check it out Here!

We recently learned about customary and metric units of measurement! This is a matching game I made to help my students memorize the conversion of measurements and the abbreviations. The game actually has 2 games in it. Take a look here!

Now for the free stuff! I have tons of free items to share with you this week! Don't miss out because they are all great items to use in your classroom! Many of these cover all grade levels not just intermediate! Enjoy! 

Graphic Organizers - by Best Practices 4 Teaching 
Reward Bookmarks - by 
Picture Prompts - by Teach123
St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts! - by HoJo's Teaching Adventures 
Skip Counting by 2's - by PreK Paradise 
Iditarod Learning Games-  by Arlene Sandberg  

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