The Water Cycle

Recently we worked on learning the water cycle in science. One thing I like to do is find at least one kind of fun activity and one video on each lesson or topic I'm teaching. With the water cycle we had lots of choices! First, we did an outline with our science book together and discussed the vocabulary words. Then we started singing. I found the cutest song on pinterest. This is NOT my song, but my kids LOVED it and still actually remember the words 3 weeks later. This is where I found the song. We sang this everyday at the end of our lesson for the 4 days we spent on the water cycle. It really seemed to help them remember the different parts. The next thing we did was draw the water cycle and label it. Here is one of my students drawings.

The last thing we did was watch a few fun videos. My favorites are The Water Cycle with Bill Nye and Wet All Over from The Magic School Bus. One of these we watched during inside recess because it was a little too cold to go outside. (You gotta squeeze it in when you can!) 

I also found some great websites with Water Cycle Games or Videos for the students to play or watch for a sponge activity or for my early finishers! 

All of these links are located under the Science tab along with many other science games/ video links. My students know how to get on the blog and find the given topics we are working on.

What other things do you do to help your students learn about the Water Cycle? 

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  1. Thanks for these water cycle resources. I saw you like polka dots. At a Dollar Tree store in NJ I found polka dot borders you can stick on a white board or window.


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