Meet the Teacher Letter

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you a letter that I sent home to my students to introduce myself. In years past, students were able to meet their next year's teacher on the last day of school. This was the first year that the teacher assignment was not told until July. I thought writing a letter would be a cute way to have parents and students get to know me a little and hopefully get them excited about the upcoming school year!


  1. The kids will love the letter! I think it will help calm the nerves before they start school! I have sent a letter for years and the kids always comment about it! I also send them a postcard for them to send me a short note telling me something about themselves! I love back to school time!!

  2. I love this idea!! Now you've got me thinking!.. :) I am a McDonald, teaching 4th grade too..! I was looking for your BlogLovin' button, but can't find it.. :(

    Stop by sometime! :)
    ~Miss McDonald


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