Bill of Rights: The Amendments

In fourth grade, one of the things we cover in Social Studies is the Bill of Rights. Specifically they need to know what the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 8th amendment say and what freedoms they protect. One of the activities my students do during this unit, is to make a poster to explain the amendments. What I do is split the class into groups and assign an amendment to each group. I split the first amendment into 3 different groups. Below are some of the poster my students came up with. After my students create the posters, they present the poster to the class. My students really like this activity and it really helps them remember the different amendments.

Instructions: Poster must include-
     What the amendment is.
     What right that amendment gives.
     An illustration.
     (Use all of the poster board, not just a small portion.)


  1. I love this idea!! Posters are so much fun for the kids and it's even better when they're applying the content :)

    I'll definitely be using this when we study the Constitution!! Thank you :)

    teaching,life,and everything in between

  2. This is great! I will be doing this next year. I didn't do a good job of teaching this at the beginning of our year.

    Simply 2nd Resources


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