Christmas Snowman Ornament

Every year the 4th graders at Oak Grove make these super cute ornaments to take home. It usually only takes one day to make these. I work in small groups to get this done. While I am working in the small groups, I have a movie playing. We usually watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe because I read the book to my class every December.  

Supplies Needed: 
Clear Craft Ornament 
White acrylic paint
Sharpies of assorted colors
Clear Glitter Paint Squeeze bottle 
String/Ribbon (optional) 

1) I call a small group of about 4 students to the back table. Each student gets an ornament that I have already written their name and the year on the back. I place the ornaments on a thin piece of construction paper that is stapled to itself. (Like in a construction paper chain, but only one.) 

2) The students put their index finger in the white paint and make 3 snowmen on their ornament. 

3) I send the students to wash their finger and call another group back. I repeat step 1 and 2 until all of the students have an ornament with 3 snowmen and the paint is dry. (This doesn't take long.)

4) I pull back small groups again and show them how to draw the face, scarf, hat, and arms onto the snow man. I emphasize that less is more. (My students always want to draw all kinds of craziness on one snowman.) 

5) Next, I let the students add clear glitter paint around the ornament to represent snowflakes. Again less is more. If they glob it on, it will never dry. 

6) Then, we let it dry again. The glitter glue takes a while to dry so you may want to keep it over night. 

7) I send these home in a Christmas themed chinese take out box. The kids think they are cute and it keeps the ornament safe until they get home. I get mine at Michael's.  

Tid Bits: 
When painting the snowman, you can use a baby wipe to clean up the edges, or wipe off any mistakes.
You can also use baby wipes to clean the finger used to paint.  
If you do these yearly, like I do, buy the chinese boxes at after Christmas sales, and store them for the next year. 

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