Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you a cute activity I do with my students every year at Thanksgiving. We make Thanksgiving cookies. I originally got the idea from Betty Crocker, but tweaked it to fit my needs. It can be a little expensive to make, but the students loved it! It cost me $15-20 dollars to get all of the supplies. It can also be a little difficult for the students to squeeze out the icing, but even if it's messy it still tastes good!

Supplies Needed
Sugar Cookies (I usually get these from the bakery because it's softer than packaged cookies)
White & Orange or Yellow Icing- Squeeze kind
Mini M&M's - one large bag
Candy Corn - 6 pieces per cookie

(It's best to buy these materials, especially the candy corn and orange icing, at Halloween and hang on to it until this craft.)

I call the students back in groups of 4. Each student gets a cookie, 6 candy corns, and 2 M&M's. I put a strip of white icing on 1/3 of the outer edge of the cookie. The students then place the candy corn on the icing as feathers. I also put two white dots under the feathers and the students put the M&M's on the for eyes. Okay so here is the hard part. I let the students use the orange or yellow icing to draw on the beak and feet. I show them a completed example for a reference. The beak is the shape of a V under the eyes and the feet are like a peace sign with out the circle. After everyone is finished I let them eat the cookies! You could also let them make two cookies, one to eat and one to take home!

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