Sports Themed Accelerated Reader Bulletin Board

Hey guys! In my classroom I have one bulletin board that changes with the Accelerated Reader (A.R.) theme each year. It's the only board that is not matchy matchy with everything else in the room. Last year our theme was oceans/underwater and I did a bulletin board with fish. (Check it out here!) This year our theme is sports. As I set out looking for bulletin board sets I struggled to find something that would work for what I need. Until I came across this bulletin board set....Scholastic Teacher's Friend Our Home Run Hitters! Mini Bulletin Board (TF8055)
It was perfect! I bought two of this set because it was pretty cheap and I needed more gloves than only one set offered. Honestly I really just wanted the gloves and baseballs, but I decided to use the other things in the set as a boarder so I wouldn't have to spend any more money for this board. I think it turned out super cute! Each student gets a baseball with their name on it. When they earn the appropriate amount of points they get to move their baseball to the glove with that number on it. 

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