Bulletin Board Idea- Fish & Fish Bowls

This year our school theme was oceans. We could choose anything to do with the ocean including the beach or under the sea. I decided to go with a NEMO theme from disney, because I really thought my 4th graders could get into it. We use our theme specifically for Accelerated Reader and I have a bulletin board in the front of my room that I use as an AR motivator. The board changes yearly with the different themes. So this year with the NEMO theme I found these cute fish and fish bowls, which goes with the story line of NEMO being put into a fish tank. On the fish bowls are the point clubs and on the fish are the names of my students. The student's fish moves fish bowls depending on what point club they are in. My students LOVE getting to move their fish and they sure do let me know the second that they have enough points to do so! I think it's a great visual reminder and it helps motivate the students because they want to beat their friends.

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