New Products & Free Stuff!

Here are the newest items in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I will be throwing a sale Sunday - Tuesday in honor of Valentine's Day! I hope you feel the love! :-)

In our class we just finished learning about 3-D shapes and practicing finding the edges, faces, & vertices of those shapes. The students had lots of fun doing a scavenger hunt around the school looking for shapes in the real world! The scavenger hunt page is included in the Solids Printables Pack. Also included are 2 matching games. One that matches the solid shape with it's name and the other matches the solid shape with the amount of faces, edges, and vertices it has... Check it out here.

You can get just the matching game  here. 

We also recently worked on finding area and perimeter and one way we practiced is by playing Area War! You can find it here! Your students will love practicing Area with their friends in this game.

And now for the Free Item of the Week! This one comes from Fern Smith who has fantastic products to offer in her Teachers Pay Teachers Store page. This is a super cute Valentine's Day Math Center idea! Check it out here! 


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