Comparing Fractions Video

Hey guys! I have just discovered this new free app called educreation. It is basically an interactive white board on your iPad. You can use the app to also record things you say and write. It is a really cool app and I have a lot of fun ideas I can't wait to try! Below is my first lesson on comparing fractions using cross multiplication! I hope you enjoy!
You can also click on this link.


  1. Hi Amanda, I found you through TBTS. I am your newest follower! I used to use educreations when I taught middle school so I wouldn't have to say the same thing 4 times a day. Since I switched to elementary school, I haven't used it at all. However, I love what you created!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  2. i just want to share with u about comparing fraction on this site,,is this same with yours ?


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