Place Value

As the beginning of the year quickly approaches for me I am already thinking about what fun things I can do with my students. One of the first math concepts we talk about in 4th grade is place value. This includes learning the name of the places, the value of each number, writing the numbers in standard, expanded, and word from, and comparing numbers. Here are a few things I have found to help teach place value! I hope you enjoy!


Online Games

Super Teacher Worksheets: Some are free, most require membership
Free Place Value Worksheets 
More free place value worksheets

Products I made for my TPT Store
Place Value Matching Game $1.50
Comapring #'s 1-50 War $2.00
Comparing #'s 100-1000 War $2.00
I have Who has Place Value $2.25

Blog Post on Place Value- Uno Ideas
Blog Post on Place Value Charts
Place Value Teaching Tips
Place Value Posters

I would love if you would share your place value finds in the comments!

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  1. Thank you! I have a little while before school starts, but we start with place value too!


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