Using Youtube in the Classroom

Okay guys my first attempt at a video! Check it out!

If your school system has blocked youtube like my school system has, but you still want to utalize youtube videos in your classroom then watch this video to find out how to do it!

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Your video was great and very helpful! I'm going to check out that website now!

    Cheers To School

  2. Amanda,
    Great video! I did not know about keepvid but I have bookmarked it and will use it. I have one question. I have a mac also, but at school I have a DELL. Have you experienced any problems with changing from a mac to a pc? I always worry about compatibility. Also, you have a very sweet sounding voice. I know I hate hearing my own voice on tape.
    Have a great day!
    Heather B.
    Krazy about Kindy

  3. Heather, I have not had a problem converting things from mac to PC. At school I also have a dell. The only thing I ever had a problem with is using mac keys and notes writing systems they do't transfer well to word and powerpoint. But I have word for mac and it transfers no problem! With Keepvid there have been no issues.

  4. Great video Amanda! I hadn't heard of KeepVid but will definitely be using in the future! Is it okay to pin your video? I do not see a "permission to pin" button on your blog so I wanted to ask to make sure it was okay! Thanks for sharing!!!

    One Teacher's Take

  5. Andrea, you can pin anything on my website that you want! :-)

  6. Amanda,

    I second Heather's comment on your voice. It's very sweet.
    Way to use technology against technology for the greater good! Schools block a lot of sites to keep kids safe, but that takes away the good stuff as well.
    How has administration responded to your innovative ways? :)


  7. Patrick,
    My administration is very supportive of any resource that is for the betterment of my students! It's a blessing!

  8. Amanda, great video! What do you use to record your pod/vod-cast? I'm thinking about using videos more next year at my new school. Thanks again and I'm your newest follower! :)

    Mr. B's Beach Brains

  9. So glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...

  10. Thanks for leading me to KeepVid! Very valuable resource!


    Fun in Room 4B


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